Images without place



Film is a place of duality; a place without place and connectivity at the same time.




Cinema without place


To understand the complexity of things and the mind, the camera is given the ability of thinking, the ability of considering with the viewer; thinking in durational,  real time. This creates calm, wide and expanded shots, which represent the state of the individual humans, the figures. They come from all over the world, from the here and now, from the past.

The repetition of symbols and elements of art, which appear in connection with different substances, comprise the author’s journey through images.


This kind of monotony that changes quickly in the real world becomes a wide, expanded time in the reality of the film. This enables the author to create a counter- weight, a counter-balance, so that the audience can take its time and therefore partake in/on this personal journey of the author's images. 


The audience is treated with respect: The storytelling does not provide all answers - this would let the audience only participate emotionally and would create some kind of an island-existence. The presence of the audience shall be part of the cinematic thinking.


This kind of cinema unites several places within one, and creates in-between places which are connected, although not actually related.

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